AL-aspartic Acid Chelated Calcium Lucklife

Amino Chelated Calcium, a calcium-enriching product of the new generation 
What is Amino Chelated Calcium?
        Amino Chelated Calcium is manufactured with the chelating technology which inserts the calcium elements in the middle of amino acid on the nanometer level. Chelating is the description of a molecular structure which holds substances like a crab catching the food with its forceps.  
        The advantage of Amino Chelated Calcium lies in its features that it will not be damaged by the hydrochloric acid in gastric juice or alkaline and it will not be affected by the plant acid or oxalic acid in the food. The product has biological activity and will be 100% dissolved in the digestion system without generating any sediments as it can be directly absorbed by the mucous membrane of the intestines which has resolved the complete absorption of calcium elements, prevented body stones and supplied amino acid and other trace elements to the human body. The long-term administering of Amino Chelated Calcium will create a “Bone Calcium Store” in the body which will release calcium ions according to the needs of the human body and its functions are unique which the other calcium products cannot compete. 
        The amino chelated minerals can be easily absorbed by the human body due their low molecular weight and true covalence chemical structure. The absorption rate of Amino Chelated Calcium is normally 60-80% higher than the average calcium salts and its calcium content is 60% higher than milk. Amino Chelated Calcium has broken through the traditional calcium absorption method with vitamin D and the product can be directly absorbed by the small intestines. It is manufactured with the ultramicro technology of chelated calcium and the molecular structure is stable. The product has 4 unique features which are high content, high dissolution, high absorption and high preservation.
        Product features: 
        1. Amino Chelated Calcium is the only organic acid calcium product that has been recognized by the world as having no toxicity and side effects and it will not cause heartburn or nausea. 
        2. The product has been developed with the most advanced chelating theory which breaks and chelates the quality food materials to the nanometer particles to produce the new calcium enriching product of the nanometer particle sizes. 
        3. Compared with the inorganic calcium of the first generation, the product has the significant advantages of good water dissolution, easy absorption (with the absorption rate large than 90%), high biological utilization and fast effect exhibition.  
        4. The calcium can be absorbed without the use of Vitamin D3. 
        The correct calcium enrichment prevents diseases.  
        1. The prevention of osteoporosis: the high and low peak values of the bone density can directly influence the occurrence of osteoporosis. The correct enrichment of calcium on the daily basis can promote the growth of bone density which will effectively prevent the occurrence of osteoporosis. It is suitable for the people with easy bone fracture, osteoarthritis and loose teeth.
        2. Prevention of retardation, rickets, “O” shaped legs and “X” shaped legs: calcium is an important element for the growth of teeth and bones. The children who are short of calcium will lead to hypogenesis, dwarf, rickets, low immunity, etc. The reasonable calcium enrichment will assist the growth of children.  
        3. Cholesterol lowering and heart disease prevention: calcium can lower cholesterol and other fats which has effectively reduced the occurrence of heart disease. The product is suitable for people with high blood pressure and heart disease. 
        4. In addition, calcium enrichment will have good effects in tranquilizing, stypsis, spasm prevention and cancer prevention. 
        Suitable group: 
        1. People who needs to prevent osteoporosis, bone aches and loose teeth 
        2. Children with rickets, “O” shaped legs and “X” shaped legs 
        3. Infants and teenagers in growth  
        4. High blood pressure and heart disease patients 
        5. Pregnant women, maternity women and women in breast feeding period