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     Usage & Dosage: Take after dinner, 1 capsules each time and twice daily. 

        People suitable:people with hypertension,hyperlipemia and hyperglycemia. People suffering from cerebral haemorrhage, cerebral thrombosis , stroke , senile dementia and cardiovascular disease. People who have decline of vision and memory. 
        People unsuitable:women in pregnancy and breast-feeding period, bleeding tendency people and patient of bleeding diseases
        Nutritional knowledge: Fish oil refers to the fatty oil of deep sea fishes which are rich in EPA(eicosapentaenoic acid) and DHA(docosahexaenoic acid).Compare with deep sea fish in cold region, the content of EDA and DHA within other fishes and terrestrial animals is extremly low. Therefore most of the EDA and DHA are extracted from deep sea fish. 
        EPA and DHA, which are similar in molecular formula ,belong to unsaturated fatty acid(Omega3) while EPA can easily transform to HDL which is a high density lipoprotein in vivo. DHA and EPA can increase the level of HDL, enhance the excretion of cholesterol,prevent lipid accumulation on artery blood wall and occurance of coronary heart disease.It lower the number of low density lipoprotein of which might lead to atherosclerosis.
        Functions of fish oil: 
        1. Lower total cholesterol and increase the content of HDL so that to lower the blood lipid. 
        2. Prevent blood clots:it can prevent the formation of blood clots; lower the LDL level and raise the HDL level in blood. 
        3. Lower blood pressure:it can indirectly lower blood pressure through lowering blood lipid and preventing unsual platelet aggregation as well as atherosclerosis. 
        4. Anti-tumor effect::supervising immune cells of normal tissue and eliminating tumor cells. Otherwise,DHA and EPA increase the softy of cell membrane and improve the mobility of immune cells which benefits to the information dissemination of immune cells and elimination of tumor cells. 
        5. Prevent rheumatoid arthritis and spinal arthritis,etc.Lower the movement of white blood cells and mononuclear cell so that to change the inflammatory process.