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        Usage & Dosage: Take after dinner, 2 capsules each time and twice daily. 
        People suitable: Smokers, alcohol addicts and those with long-term intake of medicine; Those with high working pressure and easily-tired; Those with Urban Syndrome: those irascible, allergic, lack of strength, with weak immunity and dysphoria, and those who tend to catch cold and feel aging is too fast; Middle-aged and old people and those lack of sports exercise and with weak body; Various tumour patients; Those with pneumonia, pulmonary tuberculosis, emphysema, asthma and chronic bronchitis;Those with acute or chronic hepatitis and hepatocirrhosis; Those with cardiomyopathy, unbalanced heart rate, brain attack, cerebral thrombosis, vascular sclerosis, high blood lipids, high or low blood pressure; Those with acute or chronic nephritis, renal failure, deficiency of the kidney, uremia and diabetes. 
        Nutritional knowledge:Cordyceps sinensis is the result of a parasitic relationship between a the fungus cordyceps and the larva of the ghost moth several species living on the Tibetan Plateau, which contains a lot of Cordycepic acid,vitamin B12,Lipid,protein and so on.. The fungus is highly prized by practitioners of Chinese traditional herbal Folk medicines, in which it is used as an aphrodisiac and as a treatment for a variety of ailments from fatigue to cancer. It is regarded as having an excellent balance of yin and yang as it is apparently both animal and vegetable (though it is in actuality not vegetable, but fungal). Assays have found that Cordyceps species produce many pharmacologically active substances. It enhances the body’s resistance to various pathogenic bacteria, viruses and parasites. With anti-cancer active constituents, it restrains tumour, enhances livers detoxification capacity, prevents liver fibrosis, protects liver, reduces blood sugar and prevents diabetes. It improves human bodys microcirculation system, accelerates dilatation and itinerating of capillary vessels and shows obvious effects on reducing blood lipids, relieving cough, removing phlegm and calming down asthma. It also features functions of removing free radicals, expanding blood vessels and reducing blood pressure, thus greatly helping those with cardiovascular and cerebrovascular disease.
        Functions of Cordyceps: 
        1.  Improve lung and kidney function 
        2. Enhance immunity,suppress tumor growth 
        3. Sedative and hypnotic effects 
        4. Delay senility
        Lucklife Cordyceps Mycelium Soft Capsule apply to: 
        Rapidly and thoroughly get rid of weakness of body, stimulate body metabolism, enhance body immunity, eliminate disease and prolong life with the function of health care, all of these above make it the best choice of buying gifts to elderly or middle-aged people. 
        Apply to all kinds of intellectuals groups as it can increase the oxygen content of brain cells and supply the brain cells with a various kinds of nutritional substances,of which will reinforce the memory and improve intelligence.
        Apply to people with sickness and high intensity working group as well as those who have impaired immune function and over-anxiety. 
        It also have functions of diseases prevention,health care and delay senility to normal people.Approved by modern pharmacology study, cordyceps sinensis has many special substances such as adenosine, adenine, peptides,PSCS and so on, of which have been proved to have functions of delay senility ,adjust immune system,lower blood lipid and blood sugar as well as blood pressure,anti-tumor,anti radiation,antifatigue and enhance hematopoiesis. 
        Lucklife Cordyceps Mycelium Soft Capsule also apply to the precaution and adjuvant therapy of following diseases: 
        1. Diseases of cardiovascular system: coronary heart disease, arrhythmia, hypertension, hyperlipemia. 
        2. Disease of respiratory system: chronic bronchitis, emphysema, asthma, pulmonary tuberculosis, anaphylactic rhinitis. 
        3. Digestive disease: chronic active hepatitis, posthepatitic cirrhosis; 
        4. Diseases of urinary system: chronic nephritis, kidney failure; 
        5. Others: diabetes, aplastic anemia, Sexual debility, sub-health condition caused by pressure and intensity. 
        6. All kinds of tumors, acute leukocythemia and so on.