Features of the healthy night lamp Lucklife



The healthy night lamp has integrated the functions of lighting, energy-saving and air purification and the product has dual functions of energy saving and environmental protection. The product is characteristic of small size, low power consumption and powerful air purification ability.    
        In addition to energy saving, the healthy night lamp is equipped with an air purification device which can remove dust and smoke, eliminate foul smells, kill germs, increase immunity and metabolism and improve air quality. Every lamp is an air purifier while its features as a high-quality energy saving lamp have been preserved. 
        The healthy night lamp can eliminate all hazardous substances in the indoor decoration materials by releasing high-density anions, to include benzene, methylbenzene, formaldehyde, nicotine generated from smoking, dimethyl nitrosamine generated by photocopiers and the harmful organic gases and electromagnetic waves generated by office equipment. The healthy night lamp can evenly distribute anions to every corner of the room and can thoroughly disinfect and purify the environment without any dead corners which has effectively prevented the infection of diseases.   
        The healthy night lamp has utilized the technology of low-temperature plasma and can release high-density anions through the micro anion transmitter during lighting. With the lighting, the anions will be evenly distributed to all corners of the room. When the anions are combined with the bacterial cells, they will kill the cells by changing the structure of their internal energy. The anions can also catch the particles of benzene, methylbenzene, formaldehyde, smoke, dust and pollens which will settle freely after accumulation and the air purification has thus been achieved.  
        This product can produce approximately 0.05PPM ozone which can completely eliminate the smoke and foul smells in the air. It can also kill various infectious bacteria in the air such as colon bacillus and mold and it can decompose various oxidized smells and chemical vapors (such as benzene, formaldehyde, etc.). 
        The healthy night lamp provides special protection to the face, eyes, respiratory passages, blood circulation and nerves of the computer operators and will completely eliminate the computer syndrome. It is a new hi-tech product for the computer users in office, at school, during Internet browsing or playing games. 
        1. It creates an isolation layer for electrons and active oxygen which can block and eliminate various radiations of computers in order to protect eyesight.
        2. It can eliminate the dust and bacteria that are attached to the monitor in order to purify the air.  
        3. It generates fresh air and allows you to operate the computer in an environment with natural fresh air as if you are in forests and near waterfalls.  
        4. It continually supplies you with anions, which are regarded as “vitamins of the air”, as they can increase the oxygen capacity in the human blood, activate cells, promote metabolism, relax weakness and tension, remove fatigue and increase resistance. It can regulate and improve various syndromes caused by disorders of the central nervous system such as nervous exhaustion, headache, insomnia and melancholia and it can also cure the computer syndrome. 
        5. It can purify the air and freshen the environment by removing smoke and various foul smells. 
        6. It can neutralize the electrostatic and reduce the attachment of dust on the computer monitor. 
        The healthy night lamp also has various other features such as high efficiency, freedom from flicker, energy saving, long life and good color development. It is suitable for use at various places, to include residential houses, hotels, net bars, night clubs, conference rooms and offices. It will certainly become an ideal consumer product in the 21st century