Cordyceps Oral Liquid Lucklife

Cordyceps sinensis liquid in bottles, box with 6 bottles by 30ml each.

LUCKLIFE Cordyceps Oral Liquid is made of the extract of fresh Chinese caterpillar fungus produced in Qinghai province which has been manufactured with the modern hi-tech biological fermenting processes added with quality natural Chinese caterpillar fungus, glossy ganoderma and various quality raw materials. It has utilized the modern broken cell-wall technology to allow the active substances in the cells to be fully dissolved which can be easily absorbed by the human body. It has utilized the advanced low-temperature extraction technology and vacuum concentrating technology in production which have effectively preserved the functions of the cordycepic polysaccharide, glossy ganoderma polysaccharide and manna sugar. The product contains cordycepin, cordycepic acid, cordycepic polysaccharide, amino acid, unsaturated fatty acid and various microelements. 
       It quickly improves the weakness of the human body and can promote metabolism and increase the immunity of the human body. It prevents diseases, prolongs life and preserves health. It is an ideal choice for the middle aged and old aged people. 
       It is suitable for people with ill health and weak health, intensive manual workers, people with immunity disorders and people with tension of life. 
       The modern pharmacology studies have proved that that Cordyceps contains various unique substances, such as adenosine, adenine, peptide compounds, cordycepic polysaccharide, etc. which can delay aging, regulate immunity, reduce blood fat, reduce blood sugar, reduce blood pressure, resist tumors, resist radioactivity, resist fatigue and promote hemopoietic function.

Cordyceps oral liquid, one bottle 30 ml.