An introduction to the Health Technology Industrial Park

The National Health Technology Industrial Park was jointly established by the Ministry of Science and Technology, Guangdong Provincial Government and Zhongshan Municipal Government in April 1994 by following the purpose of Mr Sun Yat-sen “Indiscriminate Love to All People of the World”. It is the first nationally designated comprehensive health industrial park in China that has been built in compliance with the international standards of GLP, GCP, GMP and GSP, which covers the development of new medicines, clinical experiments, production and sales.
        The National Health Technology Industrial Park is situated in the Torch Hi-tech Industrial Development Zone in Zhongshan, Guangdong province and covers a land area of 13.5 square kilometers. For over ten years since its establishment, over 140 enterprises have settled down in this industrial park and its total industrial output value amounted to more than 11 billion Yuan in Renminbi in 2007. The Health Technology Industrial Park has gathered a large number of national and worldwide companies which are engaged in the industrial fields of Chinese herbal and western synthetic medicines, healthcare products, biological engineering, health foods, medical apparatus, cosmetics and pharmaceutical packaging materials , it is also facilitated with the clinical and nonclinical experimental and testing centers as well as the pharmaceutical logistic distribution centers, which have created a health industrial chain in scale in this industrial park.
        The Health Technology Industrial Park has established cooperational relationship with over ten well-known universities national and worldwide, including Sydney University of Australia, Sun Yat-sen University, China Pharmaceutical University, Chi-nan University, etc.. It is facilitated with various technology development platforms, including the public platform for technical innovation, Guangdong Provincial Production, Study and Research Cooperation Sample Base assigned by the Ministry of Education, the national-level inspection and testing center, Sun Yat-sen University mobile postdoctoral center, etc.. The highly qualified human resources, hi-tech machinery and equipment and outstanding ability in research have provided strong support to the continual growth of this health industrial park. 
[NextPage]        The Health Technology Industrial Park invites famous specialists, intellectuals and entrepreneurs worldwide to Zhongshan to speak glowingly of health and development each year. With the release of Zhongshan Declaration Of Health and Growth.The Health Technology Industrial Park has exhibited the charm and influence to the world. 
        Following the strategy of the provincial Party committee and the provincial government in building Guangdong into a strong pharmaceutical province, the Health Technology Industrial Park has seized the great opportunity of constructing the South China Modern Chinese Herbal and Western Synthetic Medicine Plaza, which is one of the major scientific and technological projects of Guangdong province. The Health Technology Industrial Park plans to invest 4.8 billion Yuan in Renminbi in building a Chinese and western pharmaceutical development system that based on the Chinese and western pharmaceutical manufacturers and relevant entities as the mainstream,which will cover management, production, study, research and trading,. 
        The industrial spirit of the Health Technology Industrial Park is “Health for All Families and Indiscriminate Love to All People of the World”. Let us work together to create a greater win-win success in the future.