Composite Vitamin And Mineral Substance Soft Lucklife



 Nutrient content

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nicotinic acid



vitamin A



 vitamin B1



vitamin B2



vitamin B6



vitamin B12



vitamin C



vitamin D3



vitamin E



calcium pantothenate


















 Usage and Dosage: Take after dinner, 2 capsules each time and once daily.
        People suitable:people who need vitamins and mineral substance supplement.
       Nutritional knowledge:Composite Vitamin And Mineral Substance are the combination of various vitamins and mineral substance which can replenish and balance the nutrional substances needed by our bodies.Mentioned as “the lubricating oil of humanbody,companion against depression from society”,it is extracted from natural plants and processed by modern technology which contains a large amount of vitamin A,C,D,D3,B1,B2,B6 and nicotinic acid amide as well as a lot of trace element such as Fe,Zn,Cu and can enhance your body function,improve health quality and immunity to diease. 
        Lacking of vitamins and mineral substances will cause some usual dieases while getting a good supplement will somehow do the prevention for them.Since most of the vitamins and mineral substances can neither be synthesized nor be stored by ourselves,we need to eat a lot of foods or supplement of vitamin and mineral substance to guarantee nutritional balance. 
        Vitamin and mineral substance deficiency disease: 
        Vitamin A deficiency: xerophthalmia, nyctalopia,dry hair, rough skin, hypomnesis,irritablity, insomnia, reduced vision. 
        Vitamin B1 deficiency:beribei,emtional disturbance(especially to the sound of metal friction), intermittent aching pain in the limbs. 
        Vitamin B2 deficiency: angular stomatitis(cracking of the lips and corners of the mouth), skin disease(seborrheic dermatitis) burning heat sensation in the limbs,sensitive to light. 
        Vitamin B6 deficiency: anemia, seborrheic dermatitis, glossitis, coating on the tongue,bloated lip,increas scruf, xerostomia. 
        Vitamin C deficiency: scurvy,slow wound healing, tooth bleeding, bloated lip. 
        Vitamin D deficiency: Rickets and Osteomalacia, tooth decay. 
        Vitamin E deficiency:muscle atrophy,nerve system dysfunction, dysgenesis, destruction of red blood cell , shorten red blood cell’s life, hemolytic anemia. 
        Nicotinic acid deficiency: stomatitis, dermatitis, gastroenteropathy, dysautonomia. 
        Fe deficiency: iron-deficiency anemia. 
        Zn deficiency: hypertrophy of the prostate, arteriosclerosis, reproductive function decline. 
        Cu deficiency: anemia,breast swelling, bone diseases. 
        Mg deficiency:tremble,spasm.