Soybean Soft Capsule Lucklife


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Usage & Dosage: Take after dinner, 2 capsules each time and twice daily. 
        Nutritional knowledge:Lecithin is considered as “the third vital nutrition element” comparing with protein and vitamin.
        Function of lecithin: 
        1. enhance intelligence deveplement,improve memory,prevent Alzheimer\'s disease.,recover and improve brain functions 
        2. work as blood vessels scavenger,it can prevent arteriosclerosis, effectively reduce the rate of cholesterol and hyperlipidemia as well as coronary heart disease 
        3. prevent the formation of fatty liver and gallstone. 
        4. remove constipation and related symptoms such as anxiety and herps. 
        5. as a psychological conditioner,it can prevent the symptoms of fuss, irritability, insomnia and so on which are caused by nervousness. 
        6. protect kidney,prevent diabetes. 
        7. keep your skin tender smooth, desalinate the whelk, the freckle and senile plaque, prevent loss of hair and so on.